How to store wine

  • Keep your wine storage cool

Ideally you want to keep your wine storage at a temperature between 9 and 19°C.
If your temperature gets above 26° your wine will age too fast.

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On the other hand, make sure you don’t leave it in the fridge for too long either as the crock may dry out which causes air to get into the bottle and damage the wine.

Make sure there are no temperature fluctuations at the place you stack your wine as this may lead to expansion of the liquid being able to push the cork out or cause seepage.

  • make sure your wine storage is dark and humid

The wine being exposed to sun’s UV rays may negatively influence the taste. The coloured wine glass bottles function as sunglasses for the wine. Regular lightning won’t get you in trouble. The best humidity level for your   wine is 75 percent.

Putting a small source of water in the same room could be beneficial to keep the humidity level on point.

A smart trick to keep the cork from drying out is to store

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bottles on their sides. This is not only space efficient, but
with the right unusual wine racks or wine bottle holders it could give your house an extra classy touch.

  • store wine idea’s

Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect wine cellar. Get yourself a fancy wine rack and find a dark and cool spot. You may aswell consider buying a wine cooler. This cooling unit, designed to get your wine at a consistent temperature, doesn’ t have to be expensive.
Your wine will be stored in optimal conditions and will taste much better.

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It’s difficult to give complete advice about “flawless” wine storing conditions, both as it’s a disputable point — it’s the sort of thing wine enthusiasts can keep discussing about for days — and on the grounds that there are such huge numbers of factors that come to play, including the wine itself, obviously. A larger part of the wines that the vast majority of us drink each day — like Merlots and Chardonnays — are intended to be drunk the same week anyway. For wines we might need to keep around a while, this is basic: exposed to daylight, high temperatures etc. The issue isn’t that a wine will rapidly taste like vinegar if it’s not kept in basement like conditions, but instead that it will age more rapidly than it generally would. As such, that bottle of Bordeaux may be at its top in 2016 rather than 2021.

For a considerable length of time, we essentially kept our wines in racks on the floor, away from light and warmth. We drank them well before they could be hurt, and we truly preferred them there on the grounds so we could look at them. We didn’t consider wine something to be purchased and put away for later. It was a piece of our regular day to day routine