Effect of beer and wine coolers temperatures

As you know: the right temperature of your beer and wine coolers are highly important. Even though it often takes years before getting opened, wine will still decay at some point. As you probably already know: varying wines call for varying timeframes of storing them. But it’s the temperature that is actually the crucial factor. For example,  temperature fluctuations such as regularly opening and closing of a normal refrigerator may cause wine to age too quickly. On the other hand, temperatures that are too high for a consistent time can cause unwanted chemical reactions to take place that have a negative effect on the wine’s flavour. But if temperatures are consistently too low, this can cause aging to slow down enormously.

So what storage temperature is preferred in beer and wine coolers? When storing both red and white wines together like most people, you’d want a temperature between 50 and 57 degrees, preferred is 54 degrees if you want to be really spot on. This temperature will have no real negative effect on the wine, but be aware that it can slow down its aging process. When you are storing all red wine together, you can let the temperature increase to around 60 or 65 degrees, and white wine can go down to 45 degrees. Fortunately, this is why certain beer and wine coolers come with dual compartments, which allows you to store both in their most ideal temperatures. To read more about beer and wine coolers click here.

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