Beer and wine coolers

what’s better then a cool beer on a hot summer’s night? here’s a little guide to help you pick the right one, and besides that we’ve selected a couple of beer and wine coolers that are good value.


Beer and wine coolers come in all different shapes and sizes. From small ones allowing you
to store 10 bottles to larger ones being able to hold 200 bottles. When becoming a collector it is advised finding yourself a proper wine cabinet.
An old rule says you should go for a beer and wine cooler that allows you to stock at least three times as many bottles as you currently own. And if you’re not so confident you will actually be able to stay away from your own supplies two times will do.
In the long run it pays to get a large enough beer and wine cooler instead of having to buy a few smaller ones. However when you don’t have as much space and look for an affordable but still decent option I would advise this beer and wine and wine coolers


Another important factor is the price. The general rule stating that the cheaper a product is the less trustworthy it is, goes for beer and wine coolers too. If you are on a budget I would advise to have a look at this simplistic portable option.
To give you a rough estimation, the price of a 4 to 20 beer and wine cooler is 100 to 300 dollar. The medium sized  coolers will be around 250 to 500 dollar and the largest ones will be 1000 dollar+. A price indicator you could use is comparing price per bottle the cooler is able to store.

Red versus white wine storage

Some beer and wine coolers come with two temperature zones. This sounds fancy but you wouldn’t really need it. When storing both red and white wines the upper part will always be slightly warmer so this will be perfect to keep your red wine, and keep your white wines at the bottom racks.

Humidity level

If you want to age your wine properly it should be kept in a 50-70% percent humidity level. Especially when living in a dry climate not keeping it humid enough may cause the cork to crack and allow air in the bottle. A lot of cheaper beer and wine coolers don’t have a decent humidity level, but don’t worry, to solve this you can place a wet sponge inside the cooler.

beer and wine coolers

Preferable features

  • find a wine cooler with a temperature range of at least 45 – 65 degrees F.

  • Prefer digital above mechanical temperature control as it is more precise.
  • Choose a beer and wine cooler with double pane, tempered glass door to keep the warm air outside.
  • As mentioned in the how to store wine  guide UV rays could influence the wine’s taste so look for a tinted glass door.
  • For specific spots you’ll want to check whether you’ ll need a left or a right hand door swing.
  • look for a beer and wine cooler with an automatic defrost system so you’ll be able to get rid of build-up frost as it automatically gets of of any frost.
  • Also for the stylish people among us consider what colour to get possibly matching the other furniture in your room. Some manufacturers offer different kinds of customisation.

   Beer and wine cooler idea (click on the link below to find more idea’s)

beer and wine coolers

This beer and wine cooler uses compressor cooling, meaning
it will have better cooling ability and also a longer life span.
It is suitable to store sparking, white and red wine or champagne.
Besides that, this cooler comes with LED display and touch
screen but is also equipped with interior light that highlights
the collection. It comes with an adjustable thermostat, a steel door
frame and a glass door to give your cooler a stylish design.
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